Hansika who took hormonal injection.. The apple beauty gave clarity on the rumour

Apple beauty Hansika started her career as a child artist. After that, she made her debut as a heroine at the age of sixteen. But then a strange rumor spread about this beauty. That is.. this beauty took hormonal injection to grow up quickly. But Hansika recently responded to this rumour. Apple beauty gave clarity on this rumor in the second episode of Love Shaadi drama which is streaming on the stage of Disney Plus Hot Star.

‘Being a celebrity is expensive. When I was 21, a lot of people talked trash about me. I hope you understand what I am talking about. Many people have written that I took hormonal injection to grow faster. I became an actress at the age of eight. So they said that my mother gave me hormonal injection and made me big quickly. How do you think that is true..?’ Hansika expressed her anger.

Hansika’s mother Mona said.. ‘Had I really given Hansika an injection and raised her, she would have been richer than Tata and Birla. Everyone used to come to me to grow up quickly.. Before creating such rumours, there should be at least common sense’, he expressed his anger.

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