Has Niharika also alienated her husband? That’s why..?

Mega heiress Niharika has a unique identity in the Tollywood film industry. Niharika has made a unique identity for herself as an actress, anchor and producer. Moreover, she is also the first heroine from the mega family.. But Niharika, who got the recognition as a mega princess, could not get much success on the silver screen. That fixed her film career. After that, she was not able to get many opportunities and stayed away from the industry and entertained the audience through social media. Now taking responsibility as a producer, Niharika released a web series and received good success.

She married businessman Jonnalagadda Chaitanya and started as a housewife. Now after marriage Niharika has become more active. She is always busy with some post. She is getting ready in a fashionable way and is shocking everyone. She also faced trolls by sharing romantic photos with her husband while teasing everyone with her hot looks. Moreover, this cutie is also enjoying the trip with her friends. Being the daughter of Nagababu Garala, she got a lot of freedom. That’s why negativity is covered. For a few days, I was away from social media. In the past, she faced criticism for being intimate with a gym trainer. Meanwhile, she was caught by the police in a drug case in Fooding and Mink Pub Raid and opened another controversy.

So after a few days away from Insta, now she has refreshed herself and recently she is setting fire to social media with various photos on Insta. But apart from all this, she recently shared a photo on her Instagram. Lately, Niharika has been traveling alone.. Many people are getting suspicious after posting photos of her without her husband.. Due to this, some netizens are making various comments saying whether Niharika has distanced herself from her husband. And let’s see how mega daughter reacts on this matter.

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