Has the heroine’s full marriage ever ended..!!

Poorna is also one of those actresses who have made a mark for herself by choosing only selective roles, no matter how many opportunities come her way in the film industry. This Kerala madam who acted as a heroine in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages ​​is currently pursuing her career as a character artist. Moreover, she is getting closer to the audience by participating in many TV programs. Otherwise, various news about Purna Prema and marriage are becoming very viral. A gang in the name of love had cheated her, and in the meantime she complained to the police and was in the news.

Similarly, the campaign that she has fallen in love again and is getting ready for marriage soon has also created a buzz in the social media. And finally, Purna revealed that she has a boyfriend recently through social media including photos of the two. His name is Asif Ali. He is a businessman from an Arab country. But now there is a lot of publicity that their love has broken up. But no matter how many campaigns are done, currently Poorna and Asif Ali are in Dubai. Speaking about this in an interview, actress Poorna said that their marriage and engagement took place on 31st May this year and the wedding took place on 12th June in Dubai in the presence of close friends.

Due to the country problem, many people could not participate in their wedding ceremonies, so it was revealed that the wedding reception will be held in Kerala soon. Purna who said that she will start a dance school also said that it is her long time wish. Currently, news related to this is going viral.

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