He thought he would come back… He went to unknown worlds – Balayya

Tollywood actor Nandamuri Tarakaratna (40) passed away on Saturday after fighting for his life for the last 23 days. Tarak’s mortal remains will be moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad today. Tarak will be cremated tomorrow. With the death of Tarak, there was a tragedy in the film industry. Balayya Babu responded to this.

Balayya felt sad that he could not bear to imagine that our Tarakaratna call, affectionately called Bala Baba, would no longer be heard. He said that Tarakaratna’s death is a great loss for Nandamuri fans and TDP family members. He also proved himself in acting. Tarakaratna, who thought that he would return victorious while fighting with death, went to the worlds that cannot be seen anymore. Balayya asked God to give peace to the soul of Tarataratna.

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