Heroine Rezina Serious: ‘I don’t have such a disease..’ Rezina Serious on Reporter..(Video)

Heroine Regina Serious On Reporter In This Video Goes Viral

Kollywood and Tollywood boys have a feeling that if they see Regina Cassandra, she will be like a sword. According to that.. increasing her dose of glamor in recent days.. this beauty is coming. Increasing… not only coming… she also started doing item songs. Lady Orient is also coming to us soon with the movie Sakhini Dakhini. But in this order… Recently, a reporter became serious. As if I don’t have that disease.. Bussuna flew away. How can they ask that.. she played that reporton. At present, Regina, who is busy promoting her film department Dakhini, recently went to a press meet. But a reporter in that press meet… As shown in the movies… Regina was asked if you have OCD in real life too. With a shocking expression… do you ask others like this? Regina made the reporter dizzy by saying that..! Moreover, the beauty said that she did not have any psychological disorders like OCD after acting in the movie.

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