How is the auction done .. Who decides the base prize .. Will all the players get it? Full details .. | IPL 2022 Mega Auction: Who Decides Player Base Price and what is ipl auction; all you know about ipl mega auction 2022

IPL 2022 Auction: The IPL 2022 auction will be held on February 12 and 13 in Bangalore. This time 10 teams are participating in the IPL mega auction. A total of 590 players will be auctioned off in this mega auction.

How is the auction done .. Who decides the base prize .. Will all the players get it?  Full details ..


IPL 2022 Auction: The IPL 2022 auction will be held on February 12 and 13 in Bangalore. This time 10 teams are participating in the IPL mega auction. A total of 590 players will be auctioned off in this mega auction. Of these, 320 are Indians and 270 are foreign players. IPL (IPL) Launched in 2008. This year will be the 15th season of the IPL. Let us now know how the IPL auction takes place, how the base price of the teams is determined and what the Right to Match Card means.

What is IPL Players Auction?

The IPL auction determines which player will play on which team. This is an open auction. In which all teams participate. They can bid on any player they want to buy. Even if a team is not interested in the player at the time of sending the list of players to the BCCI, the player can be auctioned off and bought at auction. Teams coming to the auction come in full readiness. Teams have a list of players they want to buy. For this, they bid on plans like A, B, C, D etc. Teams bet on the players they want to buy. When the intended players are not available, they buy the players included in their Plan B. Buy players from other plans.

How are the players in the auction divided into groups?

Usually the players in the auction are divided into three categories. Indian Captured, Indian Uncapted, Foreign Players. These players are in different positions like bowler, fast bowler, spin bowler, all-rounder, wicket-keeper depending on their specialty. A player who does not play international matches for his country is called uncapped.

How are IPL players auctioned?

This auction is just like any other auction. During the IPL auction, the name of the player bidder or auctioneer is announced. A bidder will tell you the base price of a batsman or bowler, regardless of his nationality. Teams bid according to the base price of that player. The player base price is Rs. Suppose it is 1 or 2 crores. The first bid of that player was Rs. Starting from 1 or 2 crores. After this, the price of that player increases due to the bidding of other teams. Significantly, no player can be bought for less than his base price. However, any team can buy a player at his base price.

After placing the highest bid for a player, the auctioneer completes the bidding process by notifying all teams three times about the final bid placed on the player. If no team is interested, the player with the highest bid will be assigned. Sometimes there is competition between two teams to buy a player. This is called the Bidding War. Because of this many times players are sold at a price much higher than their base price.

What is the base price of the players and how is it determined?

Base price is the price at which a player enters the auction. The player determines the base price before the auction and submits it to the BCCI. The player is required to submit a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from his board to the BCCI. In it he has to show that he has got permission from his board to join the IPL.

Captured Indian players and foreign players generally keep their base price high. Because they think they will get a higher price in the auction. Uncaped, on the other hand, players who are lesser known keep their base prices very low. Players take into account their past performance, their popularity, social media followers, etc. when determining the base price.

Unsold Players ..
No team is interested in the auction and he is called the Unsold Player as no team buys.

Can unsold players be resold?

Yes, the name of the player who did not sell in the first round of the auction can be brought back into the auction process at the end of the auction or in the accelerated bidding. This only happens when teams show interest in that player.

What is Accelerated Bidding?

A list of unsold players will be submitted to the BCCI. Teams are interested in that. Unsold players are once again put up for auction. This auction process is very fast. The auctioneer quickly picks up the names of the players. Some of them are bought by teams. In this fast auction, most players are bought at base price. Sometimes even in this process there is competition between the two teams to buy a player. However, this usually happens very rarely.

Can unsold players be sold after auction?

Yes, an unsold player may be selected during the tournament to replace an injured or unavailable player from the team.

How many players will be in the auction?

The auction rate and the number of players in the auction vary. The mini auction however has a small number of players in it. The number of players will be higher in the mega auction that will take place after the player’s contract expires. For example, IPL 2022 is a mega auction. The number of finalists participating in the auction depends on which team is interested in registering for the auction. A total of 1214 players have registered for the IPL 2022 auction. However only 590 players were shortlisted.

Do players get some money?
Yes, a player can earn up to Rs. If bought for Rs 5 crore, he would get Rs. Eligible for 5 crores.

Under what circumstances does a player not receive full money?

If a player is available throughout the season, he gets the full amount regardless of the number of matches he has played. If a player is out due to injury before the start of the season, the team does not have to pay any money. If a player is available for a few matches rather than the entire season, teams pay a 10 percent retirement fee based on the player’s availability. If a team wants to release a player in the middle of the season, it must pay for the entire season. If a player is injured in the middle of the tournament the team will have to bear his medical expenses.

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