Hyper Aadi gave the star hero an additional business of Rs. 5 crore..!

There is no doubt that the business of the movie is usually due to the elements present in the movie.. In many ways Telugu cinema and other language movies keep trying to entertain the audience. Especially if some comedians act in some movies, we will see more business happening. If we put item songs in some movies, we keep seeing more business happening.. But because of Hyper Aadi in Dhanush’s movie Saar, a good market has been created in Telugu.

Moreover, it is reported that this time the business of Dhanush’s movie is ten crore rupees more than the previous business. Being a Telugu director and Telugu producer may have done a business of Rs.5 crores. Film analysts are expressing their opinion that another Rs. 5 crores is definitely due to Hyper Aadi. Hyper Adi, who gained good popularity through the TV show Jabardasth, is still moving forward with the same enthusiasm.

Recently, Hyper Adi attended the programs organized in Hyderabad as part of the promotion program of Saar movie. Dhanush was also surprised to see his craze. He also expressed his surprise that there is so much craze about not acting in movies. All in all, it can be said that Dhanush got along with Hyper Adi.

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