I first told my wife about my love for Sridevi.. Boney Kapoor

Even though it has been five years since the death of Atiloka beauty Sridevi, who can’t believe that she is no more in this world. Especially when her beauty, innocence and acting move before their eyes, her fans forget that Sridevi is not in this world. And her family members also remember the loss without Sridevi from time to time. Recently, her husband Boney Kapoor told how his beautiful love journey with Sridevi went.

The ethereal beauty Sridevi has gone to the worlds of no return. But she remained forever in everyone’s mind. It is known that Sridevi died in a hotel in Dubai in 2018. Since then, her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor’s husband Boney Kapoor has been posting emotional quotes about Sridevi on several occasions.

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Remembering the day when Sridevi left her fans, her husband Bonikapur shared his beautiful love journey with her. Sharing memorable photos with her on this occasion, Boni told how he fell in love with her.

I saw Sridevi for the first time in a Tamil film. I decided to do a film with her anyway and went to meet Sridevi. Loved it at first introduction. I talked to Sridevi’s mother about doing a film with her and told her that the remuneration would be eight lakhs. But Sridevi’s mother said she wants 10 lakhs. After that I surprised him by saying that he will give 11 lakhs. I used to follow her during the shooting. I used to take care of her very carefully. But I am already married. But I told my wife about my feeling about Sridevi first. The care I took for Sridevi at all times made her love me. They said that my love journey with her went till marriage.

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