I have no relation with that heroine..!!

Allu Sirish, son of famous producer Allu Awaravind, gave Tollywood with the film Harmana. The film was not successful at the box office. After that he acted in many films but none of them were successful. On the one hand, Allu Arjun’s career is flying like a rocket, but his situation is like a caterpillar. Also, it was spread that they are not meeting with the family and there are quarrels between them.

But he is trying hard with persistence to get a hit. Allu Shirish’s latest movie is Urvashi Wo Rakshasivo. Directed by Rakesh Shashi, the film stars Anu Emmanuel as the heroine. After completing all the programs, the film will be released in theaters on November 4. In this order, the film unit is participating in the promotions. As a part of it, Allu Sirish is giving consecutive interviews. As part of the latest interview, the heroine explained about the relationship news with Anu Emmanuel.

In fact, the romance in the teaser of this movie is too much, as both of them are seen near restaurants a few times, there are reports in the movie circles and social media that there is a relationship between the two. Shirish, who recently responded to this, rubbished the rumours. Sirish said that such rumors keep coming on movie stars and said that many such rumors have come on him in the past. Allu Sirish explained that he is not in a relationship with Anu Emmanuel and they are good friends now.

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