iBomma: iBomma doesn’t stop! Good news for Indian users.. Here it is..!! | Did iBomma Resumes Again In India, Comments Pour On Internet, Here is the detail

Did you change your mind? Don’t want to lose Indian users? That’s it.. for Telugu movie lovers..

Did you change your mind? Don’t want to lose Indian users? That’s it.. I used to talk about iBomma which is providing free high quality movies to Telugu movie lovers. Even though the iBomma website was shut down as expected, iBomma became available for Indian users to watch quality movies through another domain within just one day. Since yesterday, some fans have been clamoring with comments on the social media platform that there is an option to watch movies online on the iBomma site through the option ‘Select Others’. Also, less than 24 hours after the website shutdown, iBomma administrators said that they have started efforts to re-launch in India with a new solution. It should be said that good news has been given to movie lovers.

Meanwhile, Telugu web series, movies, and all OTTs have been collected in one place.. iBomma has become popular by impressing every movie fan with the download option enabled. Although it was fine for a few days.. I don’t know what happened after that.. it harbored a little opposition. Slowly disabled some options.. reduced services. It is known that in the end they gave a shock that they are closing the website. With this, the Telugu movie lovers were once again disappointed.. But now that iBomma is working again, the fans are in a frenzy.


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