If he had.. like his brother.. he would have become a Pan Indian star

Taraka Ratna

That’s what life is all about. That’s what life means. Even if everything is happening as expected.. even if everything seems to be happening to us.. none of it is true. Lies are not true. The middle ground between these two is not that. That’s why Cabolu does what it wants. What gives gives. That seems to be the end of our story. Fate also goes with it. The same happened with Taraka Ratnam. Taraka Ratna, who made her entry as a hero in films as the grandson of senior NTR, scored a super duper hit with her first film. Ok Saari started nine movies and also created a Guinness Book World Record. But after the first movie, due to lack of proper hits, the film career fell down. fought But when the result did not come, they were shocked.

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