IND vs NZ: Hands tremble when holding the ball .. Anil Kumble’s message is very inspiring: Ajaz Patel Emotional Statement | Ind vs nz New Zealand spinner Ajaz Patel emotional statement after taking 10 wickets in an innings vs india mumbai test

Ajaz Patel: Ajaz Patel became the first New Zealand bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings and the third bowler in the world.

IND vs NZ: Hands tremble when holding the ball .. Anil Kumble's message is very inspiring: Ajaz Patel emotional statement

Ind Vs Nz Ajaz Patel

India Vs New Zealand: Ajaz Patel, who took 10 wickets against India in the first innings of the Mumbai Test. Mumbai-born left-arm spinner Ajaz is very happy with this amazing performance. Ajaz became the third bowler in Test history to take 10 wickets in an innings after Jim Laker (1956) and Anil Kumble (1999). After the game on the second day Ajaz said, ‘Personally it will be one of the most exciting cricket days of my life. It will probably always be. However, we faced a very difficult situation for the team. We have to try our best to face tomorrow and see if we can change the course of the match or do something special, ”he said.

Ajaz will take some more time for him to believe in success. But, before saving it, the Indian bowlers disrupted his team’s batting order. ‘When I got off the field, things went very fast. I could not believe these things for a long time. This is a wonderful day for me, my family, my wife. I spend most of my time outside the home as a cricketer. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. This is a very special victory for me. ‘ However, Ajaz Patel’s hands trembled after catching the ball in his Test debut. Ajaz Patel himself mentioned this in an interview.

He was very happy with Kumble’s tweet saying, ‘Yes, I remember Kumble taking 10 wickets. I saw the ‘highlight’ of that match many times. Is happy to be a part of such a record. Seeing his message seemed awesome. I feel lucky to be associated with him in this feat. Ever had the idea of ​​taking 10 wickets at any stage in the Indian innings? To the question asked .. ‘No, no. I knew it had to work. I wanted to be on the Honors Board. However, it is a privilege to have such an honor, ”he said.

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Ajaz Patel: Born in India .. Played for New Zealand .. TeamIndia broke the deadlock with 10 wickets ..

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