Ind vs Pak: India will definitely go to Pakistan .. will play in Champions Trophy: ICC Chairman | India vs Pakistan: Team India participated in Pakistan hosted Champions Trophy in 2025 says ICC Chairman Greg Barclay

Ind vs Pak: India will definitely go to Pakistan .. will play in Champions Trophy: ICC Chairman

Champions Trophy 2025 India Vs Pakistan

2025 Champions Trophy: Two weeks ago, the ICC released a list of countries that will be hosting events until 2031. However, the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy will be held in Pakistan. However, it is questionable whether Teamindia will participate in the event. Many years later (last time Pakistan hosted the ICC event in 1996) Pakistan will host the ICC event. Cousin nations have been colliding only at ICC events for many years. It is also an ICC event to be held in Pakistan so it is not known what decision the Indian government will take. It is known that players from other countries are still reluctant to go to Pakistan for various security reasons.

ICC Chairman Greg Barclay recently made key remarks on the same subject. ‘The ICC event has been going on in Pakistan since 1996. For some reason there are no events happening there. Many ICC events have taken place in Pakistan before this situation, ”he said.

However, BCCI President Ganguly and Secretary Jaisha have recently said the same thing. The governments of the two countries have decided to take a decision. Indian cricket fans are also commenting on social media as they go there.

However, no decision has been taken yet on whether India will go to the tournament in Pakistan. He said that the teams of the countries must come to the ICC Champions Trophy event in 2025 and that Team India will definitely play in this event and the games can also help in furthering the relations between the two countries. Cricket in particular can play its part, ‘said Barclay. Indian Sports Minister Anurag Thakur has already said that the right decision will be taken when necessary on India’s participation in the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan. It remains to be seen whether the Indian government will agree to the ICC decision.

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