Ind vs Pak: Stunning views on India-Pak match .. Highest in T20 history .. Announced by ICC | Ind Pak 2021 WC clash becomes most viewed T20I match: ICC

Ind vs Pak: Stunning views on India-Pak match .. Highest in T20 history .. ICC announced

Ind Vs Pak

The cricket match between India and Pakistan means that there is nothing special to say about the tension in the two countries. Not only sports lovers in both the countries .. Cricket fans all over the world are showing interest in this match. Abandon all work and stick to TVs. It is a known fact that India suffered a huge defeat in the India-Pakistan match in the league stage. However, the crowd watched the match from a range. The ICC said the match was watched by 167 million people (16.7 crores). This is the first time in T20 history that people have watched a match. The match was watched for 15.9 billion minutes in India. Revealed that the entire tournament was watched for 112 billion minutes.

Previously, the 2016 T20 World Cup semi-final match (Team India-West Indies) received 136 million views. According to the ICC, viewership for the India-Pakistan match has increased by 60 per cent and for this tournament by seven per cent over the rest of the matches in the UK. The ICC says Facebook has played a key role in increasing views on the megatourney. It claims to have received 4.3 billion views through this social media medium.

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