Indhu Anandh: Actress Indu who said my daughter should die while I was still alive. Senior Actress Indu Anand about her daughter’s health issue

She said that the reason she is struggling at this age is to take care of her daughter in a royal way and said that this is what a mother’s love is like.

Actor Indhu Anandh: A mother’s love is the most precious thing in creation.. A mother melts herself like a candle and sheds light in the lives of her children. No matter how much is said about such a mother’s love.. no matter how many times it is said, it is less.. Character artist Indu Anand is a living testimony of such a mother’s love. He acted as a character artist in many movies like Badri, Gamanam, Budugu. Not only that, he acted in super hit serials like Chakravakam, Mogalirekulu, Kalyana Vaibhogame and impressed the television audience. Do you know that the life of Indu Anand, who impresses the audience by acting according to his character, is full of tragedy..!

Indu Anand’s love for daughter:

Indu Anand from Kerala. His father worked in the army. As a result, I had to travel all over the country in my childhood. Can speak about 10 languages. During the government job, Indu Anand became an actress with the encouragement of her husband and stepped on the silver screen. But she is struggling even at this age.. she said that the reason she has to act is her daughter. In an interview.. she has undergone three major surgeries.. but the reason she is struggling at this age.. is to take care of her daughter very royally and said that this is what a mother’s love is like. .

Indu Anand said that her daughter’s mental development was not there and she also had health problems. But he said that since then he has been struggling to ensure that his daughter does not suffer from any deficiency. After the death of her husband, she said that she raised her daughter as both her mother and father. Moreover, he made sensational comments that he wanted his daughter to die in his arms while he was still alive. Maybe no mother wants this.. But.. I want it.. because.. if I die before my daughter.. there will be no one to look after her.. No one should be burdened by her daughter. She shed tears saying that even at this age, she is struggling so much..everything is for her husband.

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