India cricket team: Not only Kohli .. Team India also has a hard time .. Fans who can not digest the matter | Not Only Kohli Team India Also Facing Hurdles at this time

Kohli, who has been named the Most Successful Captain, is rumored to be smoking in the BCCI. There are opinions that the seed for this has been sown since 2017.

India cricket team: Not only Kohli .. Team India also has a hard time .. Fans who can't digest that

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: Is the King Kohli era over in Team India? Virat’s part to miss as captain .. Is it our part to put aside as a player BCCI pieces are moving? On the other hand, it is rumored that Dada and Co will be ready to take notice. Yes .. if all goes as expected .. it is doubtful that Kohli will be selected in the next Windies tour. Why does the BCCI smoke at Kohli, who has been named the Most Successful Captain? This pole did not start with the South Africa tour. There are opinions that the seed for this has been sown since 2017. Dhoni is the most successful captain for Team India. However, it was Virat Kohli who set the record for most wins for Mahi. Such is The Best Captain .. Now the situation has deteriorated to the level of whether he is a player in the team.

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, Team India has won three ICC titles but has not intimidated the opposition. But under Kohli’s captaincy our team has shaken the backs of rivals. Reason .. Kohli Aggressive Nature. Kohli is the magic of aggression, even if it shakes the England team in England. Also the first Asian captain to win over Army Countries. There is a rumor going around that the same atrocity has finally hurt Kohli.

Kumble coached Team India in 2016. But Kohli did not like it. Disagreements between the two reached a peak in 2017. So much so .. that he lost to his long-time rival Pakistan at the Champions Trophy. Kohli somehow succeeded in getting Kumble to step down as coach. But it was there that Ganguly screamed. It is rumored that Kohli has been in control of the entire team for as long as Shastri has been the coach. When Shastri stepped down as coach, Kohli became a lone bird.

Not making an impact in the T20 World Cup .. Flap show in the South Africa Test series .. Lack of a century in two years .. A series of developments like this made Kohli a corner. His aggressive, aggressive mantra brought harm to himself. The BCCI is campaigning for a show cause notice to Kohli as the latest. If the same happens .. Kohli’s selection for the Windies tour is doubtful. Doute is also set to continue as a player after that. King Kohli fell just as fast as he grew overall.

On the one hand, Kohli goodbye to the captaincy and on the other hand, Team India’s consecutive defeats are making the average fan impatient. The impact also fell on the ICC announcement team. Not a single Indian player has been named in the ICC T20 squad for 2021. Team India exited the group stage of the T20 World Cup 2021. Another reason seems to be the lack of success in the short format last year.

Three Pakistan players have been named in the ICC T20 Team of the Year. Babur Azam, one of the three, was selected as the ICC captain. Along with Babur Azam, Pakistan wicketkeeper Rizwan, who excelled in the T20s last year, and Pakistan pacer Shahin Afridi have been named in the ICC squad. It is a shame that we are not in the team announced by the ICC in the final. The deteriorating reputation of any teamindia in the region is infuriating the fans.

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