India’s Tour of South Africa: Accidental tour of South Africa .. New variant emerging from palpitations .. India’s ambiguity over any match? | India’s Tour of South Africa: BCCI concerned about India’s tour of South Africa, New COVID Variant’s rise in SA

IND vs SA: The Corona’s new variant B.1.1.529 has been unveiled in South Africa. However, the new variant will not affect TeamIndia’s tour there next month.

India's Tour of South Africa: Accidental tour of South Africa .. New variant emerging from palpitations .. India's ambiguity over any match?

India’s Tour Of South Africa

India vs South Africa: It is known that the new variant of the Corona B.1.1.529 was unveiled in South Africa. However, the new variant will not affect TeamIndia’s tour there next month. This puts the series in jeopardy. India, who are already touring there, are in the blue clouds over any match. 50 new cases were reported in South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana. So far no case has been registered in India regarding this new variant. In the midst of all this, the Indian cricket team will begin its tour of South Africa next month. However, the BCCI seems to be reconsidering the tour.

A total of 10 matches are scheduled for December 17 to January 26 in Johannesburg, Pral, Cape Town and Centurion in South Africa. There are 3 Test matches, 3 ODIs and 4 T20I matches to be played. But, there is growing concern in Africa due to the increase in infection cases from the new variant. It is already known which team India will play in the series in South Africa.

There are 10 matches to be played between India and South Africa, 3 in Pral, one each in Johannesburg and Centurion and 5 matches in Cape Town. The cities of Johannesburg and Centurion fall under Goteng Province. Goteng The tribe is currently struggling with a new variant. The highest number of cases are reported here.

Cape Town and Pearl are part of the Western Cape Province. Among the new variant focus areas is the Western Cape. Apart from these, cases are also on the rise in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Under such circumstances the blue shadows fell on this series.

The mutation virus has become a dangerous new variant. B.1.1.529 also lit up in Botswana. British scientists have already warned the public about this transformation. Scientists are concerned that there may be 32 mutations in the vaccine that make the vaccine ineffective, and that this mutation is spreading rapidly by modifying its spike protein.

The South African National Institute of Infectious Diseases has already issued a statement. So far 22 cases related to this variant have come to light in the country. Scientists are seriously concerned about B.1.1.529. Dr Maria van Kerkhov, technical head of the WHO Corona case, said: “We have not received much information about this variant. Due to multiple mutations, the behavior of the virus is changing. “It simply came to our notice then.

In India ..
No new variant case has come to light in India so far. B.1.1.529 sample was also not detected in labs across the country. Government sources said the new variant was not seen in India. Although this is good news for India .. be very careful. However, the arrival of this new strain in Hong Kong has become a matter of concern for India.

In view of this variant, the Central Government has directed all airports to test passengers arriving from Hong Kong and Botswana. The central government has also directed the states to take special vigilance. Travelers from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana are also expected to be thoroughly screened.

Dr Sanjay Roy of the Center for Community Medicine in Delhi Aims said doctors were trying to understand the new variant, saying it was a new variant and we did not know how fast it was spreading. We are taking a thorough look at this. Vaccines are also likely to be affected. If so, he said, it could become a serious problem. With this the coming variant is likely to cause more risk.

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