IPL 2022 Auction: RCB seeks players on those 6 big sketches for Kohli’s successor! | IPL 2022 Auction: Royal Challengers Bangalore Eyeing On These 6 Players In View Of Captaincy, Who Are They

There is a lot of talk on social media about who will head RCB in IPL 2022. Sunrise up to …

IPL 2022 Auction: RCB seeks players on those 6 big sketches for Kohli's successor!


The IPL 2022 mega action will take place in a few days. The BCCI is already gearing up for this. The franchises are focusing on key players as part of strengthening their teams. Plans are being drawn up accordingly. Meanwhile, Royal Challengers Bangalore after last year’s IPL(Royal Challengers Bangalore) It is known that Virat Kohli said goodbye to the team captaincy. With this, there is a lot of discussion on social media about who will be the captain of RCB in IPL 2022. Earlier, it was rumored that former Sunrisers captain David Warner would head the RCB franchise. Shreyas Iyer was the latest to make the list. And now four other players have joined the list.

David Warner, Shreyas Iyer, Steve Smith, Ian Morgan, Quinton Decock, Suresh Raina are reportedly in the RCB captaincy race. Not only do they all have experience as captains .. these players create havoc in any order. Fans are eagerly awaiting who will captain the side. However, some say that the chances of David Warner being given the reins of the captaincy are high. And if you want to know how much of this is true, you have to wait until Action Day!

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