Is mega hero Kodali living on the property.. Sri Reddy’s shocking comments..!!

Sri Reddy needs no special introduction in the two Telugu states. It is very difficult to say when and what kind of comments she makes on whom.. But she is mostly trying to take her revenge on Mega Family from the beginning. And this cute girl is criticizing someone as if she is angry with them. Sri Reddy, who came into the limelight with the casting couch movement, did not get much recognition even though he had acted in a few films earlier. But it was with this movement that she gained great popularity. After that, controversy is breaking out with regular interviews. Moreover, the media startles everyone by talking nonsense about others.

Recently, she once again targeted the mega family. Mr. Reddy said.. Chiranjeevi criticized his brother saying that he did not support his brother from the beginning but he was indirectly supporting him politically. Moreover, she also made controversial comments saying that he has been living like a cat on the wall since the beginning. Not stopping at that, Mega Kodalu also dragged Upasana into it. It was also said that what will happen to Chiranjeevi if there is no real upasana. Don’t forget that you are living only with Upasana’s possessions.. She scolds Chiranjeevi badly saying that your job is to live by falling on someone.

Currently, this comment made by Sri Reddy is becoming very viral on social media. Otherwise, due to the lack of opportunities in Telugu, she is currently doing films in Kollywood and entertaining everyone by doing delicious dishes through her YouTube channel.

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