Ishan, Shardhol Dance: Ishan, Shardhol who danced .. Fans‌ Fida.! Rishabh Pant distributes gifts to children .. (Video)

Ishaan And Shardul Dancing Video Goes Viral In Social Media

Before the match against New Zealand, Team India had a lot of fun. Ishaan-Thakur was seen dancing and Rishabh Pant handing out gifts. A video to this effect was shared on social media. India and New Zealand will meet in the ICC T20 World Cup on October 31. Prior to this match, TeamIndia players appeared in a new incarnation. The Indian cricket team is scheduled to play its second match against New Zealand today in the ICC T20 World Cup-2021. This match is very important for India. If they win, India will go to the semi-finals. However, before the match against New Zealand, the Indian team appeared to be having fun. Some videos and photos of Team India having fun on social media are going viral.

Team India is immersed in Halloween celebrations. Kishan and Thakur were seen dancing during the ceremony. The two were seen holding hands and dancing as a couple. As well as the rest of the players, the two were seen enjoying the dance. Captain Virat Kohli also appeared in it. .Indian young wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant was seen distributing gifts to children. Pant brought a bag full of chocolates and toffees and distributed them to the team members’ children. During this time, Ravichandran Ashwin’s daughters were seen taking toffees from Rohit Sharma’s daughter Pant. See the videos that are going viral online

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