Jabardast actress Rohini.. Boothu Puranam..Anyone can scratch it..!!

Rohini is also one of those who gained good popularity through serials. After that, she entered the Bigg Boss house and gained popularity. After that, she participated in shows like Jabardasth, Extra Jabardasth, Sridevi Drama Company. It became more popular with recognition through these shows. After that, she was also made a team leader in Extra Jabardast. Rohini is also acting in many shows as well as movies. There is nothing special to say about the panchula boots worn in Jabardast Extra Jabardast.

Mostly double meaning dialogues are becoming popular in this. Many team leaders are also doing similar things. Hyper Adi has already faced many criticisms in this regard. Another time it can be said that Rohini is also included in that list. The latest promo for the upcoming episode has been released today. Rohini’s invitation was scripted.

Boothu seems to be talking down to Panchus. It can be said that this skit done by Rohini in Xtrajabardasth is accompanied by very funny dialogues. And many netizens are also commenting that Rohini’s dialogues in this situation are very sad. After divorce from her husband, Rohini tells me that I am a free creature and anyone can steal me..can win..can steal my mind too. Currently this promo is becoming quite viral.

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