Jagapathi Babu made sensational comments on daughters’ marriages..!

In general, it is known that many actors’ successors have entered the film industry. Jagapathi Babu, son of famous director VB Rajendraprasad, is one of them. Although the career went on the path of success, he got stuck with a series of flops later. As much as Shobhan Babu once had a good name as a family hero in the Telugu film industry, then it can be said that actor Jagapathi Babu also has the same name. Jagapathi Babu’s life, coming from a prominent family in the industry, is not a rosy one.. There are many hardships and ups and downs in his life.

New to the industry, he wanted to get a good reputation as a mass hero. But not quite set. So he was limited to family films. Now he is making progress as a villain.. Jagapathi Babu, who recently participated in an interview, made sensational comments on his daughters’ marriages and now it has become viral.. When it comes to my family, I have two daughters.

I told my little girl that I don’t want to get married. I said find yourself a partner who will be set for you in every way.. who will take good care of you. Jagapathi Babu said, “I know that it is not right to go after them to fulfill my responsibilities as children of marriage.. That’s why I have given freedom in the matter of my children.. My family and children are all happy.”

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