Jordaar Sujatha who is united by marriage – Rocking Rakesh..!

Rocking Rakesh made a name for himself as a comedian through the program Jabardast. It has been reported that he is having an affair with Sujatha, who has worked as a news representative for some time now. Besides, both of them are seen in Jabardast skit. It seems that on this day he took seven steps with Sujatha whom he loved. The related videos and photos are also becoming viral on social media. It is reported that this marriage took place in the presence of only two family members and the Jabarthest comedian.

It seems that this ceremony was held in a grand manner in Tirupati.. Going into the details, Rakesh came to Hyderabad almost 20 years ago and earned a good reputation as a mimicry artist. Rakesh Dhanaraju, who has done shows in many places and received good popularity, entered Jabardasth as a comedian in the team. After that Kirak also led a team named RP Rocking Rakesh.

After RP left, he became the team leader as a single and since then he made the audience laugh a lot with his comedy for a few years. And Sujatha also participated in Bigg Boss and got a good craze. After that, she was familiar with Rakesh from before, so she entered the Jabardasth show, and the two fell in love when Rakesh was performing skits in the team. So their love was taken to marriage.

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