Jr NTR : Is this the meaning of NTR’s arts tweet..? Tarak Ila for Koratala Shiva.. | NTR Arts gave a hint about NTR Koratala Siva movie

Tarak has given a hint to the fans in recent times that he is coming. After Triple R, fans are eagerly waiting for Tarak, who has not stepped on location till now.

Tarak (Jr NTR) gave a jabardast hint to the fans in recent times saying that he is coming. After Triple R, fans are eagerly waiting for Tarak, who has not stepped on location till now. An interesting thing about Tarak’s character in the movie directed by Koratala Siva is going viral. There is always a special craze on certain combinations. Rajamouli – NTR combination is like that. Taarak is making a movie under the direction of Jakkanna, and the fans will be happy. Hit Pakka is heard again and again. Even if Tarak is shown as a young man and dances with him saying natu natu… the mark of Jakkanna is evident. Not only in these films, but before that in Student Number One and Simhadri. Jakkanna – Taarak combo is always a super duper hit.

Janata Garage has created the same feeling. As a person who likes the environment, as a man who does not sit still watching the injustices happening in the society, Koratala Siva directed the film Janata Garage with Tarak in another range. Janata Garage is known as a thought-provoking movie among the youth. Now that this combination is being repeated, not only Nandamuri fans, but movie lovers also like it. At the time when Tarak was free from Triple R, Koratala Acharya was busy with the release of the movie. Therefore, it is not possible to sit once again on the story of Tarak. That is why Acharya has completed the work of the film and is once again giving the final touch to Tarak’s story. Koratala’s feeling is that Tarak’s next movie, which is also competing in the Oscar race with Natu Natu, is not enough if the content is ordinary.

Young Tiger is also supporting the same range for the story that the director is making with so much passion. Tarak is losing weight for Koratala movie. Tarak’s plan is to take some time, get leaner and step into the Koratala set. The makers have given a hint on social media that they are coming to talk about the movie Koratala and Tarak in one word. NTR Arts tweeted that fear. So who will Tarak scare this time? Curiosity as to why people are scared is usually not there.

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