Kajal Aggarwal: Kajal’s Insta post goes viral.. addressing Neil

Kajal Aggarwal

Tollywood Chandamama Kajal wrote a letter on her social media account on the 6 months of her son Neil’s birth. “It’s been 6 months since you were born. Time has passed so quickly. At first I was afraid of you as a young mother. I could or thought I could perform my duty as a mother effectively. Still learning how to be a great mom. No matter how many things I have to do.. I will always allocate my time for you. I will not compromise anywhere in paying attention to you. I will take good care of you. Although it is a challenge for me, the challenge seems small in front of the joy I get. Your nightly mischief makes me happy. Your father and I joke about you. I remember every little thing about you. My love.. My Neil..” Kajal wrote.

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