Kamal Haasan: Support for that director.. There was no Hinduism during Raja Raja Chola’s time

Kamal Haasan: Support for that director.. There was no Hinduism during Raja Raja Chola's time

Kamal Haasan Backs Vetrimaaran And Said No Hindu religion in Chola times: Vishwanayaka Kamal Haasan has defended director Vetrimaaran’s comments that Raja Raja Chola was ‘not a Hindu king’. Moreover, it was argued that there was no such thing as ‘Hinduism’ during the time of Raja Raja Chola. He said that in those days there were only Vainam, Shaivam and Samanam.. But after the British entered our India, they did not know how to call them collectively and addressed them as ‘Hindus’. Kamal Haasan explained how Tuticorin was changed to Tuticorin.. those three communities were changed to ‘Hindu’.

At the same time, Kamal Haasan Hitavu said that his ‘art’ has no differences like language, caste and religion.. It is not good to do politics in the film industry based on these. It is pointed out that the film ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ is not being supported in other languages ​​besides Telugu and it is creating controversy and it is not correct. He reminded that in the past, if Tamils ​​loved the Telugu movie ‘Sankarabharanam’, Telugu people loved the Tamil movie ‘Maro Charitra’. Kamal Haasan said that there is no language difference for the original movie.. If a good movie comes out in any language, the audience will support it wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, director Vetrimaran said that Raja Raja Chola was not a Hindu king, but director Mani Ratnam showed that king as a Hindu in the movie Ponniyin Selvan. Along with that king, Tiruvalluvar was also draped with a saffron flag. He made sensational comments that saffron color is booming in the film industry. Since then there has been a heated debate in Tamil Nadu on Hinduism.


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