Kangana once again lashed out at Hrithik.

It is known that Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut is always involved in some kind of controversy. Especially, she takes the lead in verbally blasting even the star heroes. This actress entered Bollywood without any background and rose to become a star heroine by getting a series of opportunities. But for Kangana, who is already involved in many controversies, the quarrels with Hrithik have become a hot topic. Recently, once again this Bhama reacted strongly to Hrithik..

When Hrithik Roshan Said He'd "Have An Affair With The Pope" Rather Than Kangana Ranaut After The 'Silly Ex' Controversy

It must be said that the heroine Kangana Ranaut is a fire brand. Especially in speaking her mind.. She does not hold back in criticizing anyone. At this time, no matter what kind of obstacles he faces, rejections and insults, he rushes forward. Top heroes were also targeted and trolled many times. Especially in 2016, the fights with Hrithik went viral. Especially Hrithik, who criticized him many times saying that he dated. At that time, this matter became a big hot topic, but Hrithik Roshan is still denying this matter. But in a recent chit chat with fans, Kangana once again targeted Rutik.

In Kangana’s chit chat, who is your favorite actor among Hrithik Roshan and Diljit Dosanjh? When asked.. Kangana.. ‘I know one does action and the other does song videos. Honestly.. I have never seen them act. I can only tell if I see them actually acting one day. Let me know if that happens. Thanks..’ she concluded. Hrithik Roshan’s fans are getting fired up on this matter and they are criticizing him saying that he is a much better actor than you, what did he do in films like Raavada Gujri’s Koi Mil Gaya Super Thirty.

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