Kangana Ranaut: “These are all gimmicks by Aamir Khan”..Kangana once again targets Mr. Perfectionist | Kangana Ranaut targets Aamir Khan ahead of Laal Singh Chadha

Kangana Ranaut, who is known for controversies in Bollywood, creates controversy with her controversial comments on any subject. It should be understood that if Kangana is in cam, there is going to be a big controversy.

Kangana Ranaut is a name that is heard before controversy in Bollywood. This actress opens up discussions with her controversial comments on any topic. It should be understood that if Kangana is in cam, there is going to be a big controversy. Kangana, who has already made strange comments in many places, has recently spoken out once again. This time Kangana made shocking comments at the behest of Aamir Khan.. Aamir Khan is currently acting in the movie Lal Singh Cheddha.. This movie will be released soon. It is known that Akkineni Naga Chaitanya is playing a key role in this movie. In the meantime, it is known that Hindu groups have raised concerns about banning this film.

Aamir Khan is making progress by choosing versatile films as a hero.. He did a television show called Satyameva Jayate for the first time. Aamir tried to tell the inequality in the society through that show. Raised his voice on social ills. It is in this order.. that they criticized the milk offerings to the gods. The Hindu communities got angry with Amir. Aamir’s films were also demanded to be banned. But recently there have been huge demands on social media to ban Lal Singh Chadha’s movie as well. Aamir responded by saying that many people think that I have no respect for the country. That’s false, I respect the country.. Please don’t stop my film. But Kangana says this is all a gimmick by Aamir. Kangana said that it was mastermind Aamir Khan’s plan to manage the negative situations surrounding “Lal Singh Chadda”. Kangana says that Aamir is doing these gimmicks to save his film in the background of Bollywood movies falling at the box office for some time now.

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