Kangana’s viral comments on Jyothika.. as if there is no such scene..

Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut can be said to be a carafe address for controversies. She directly attacks those she does not like under any circumstances. Like a fire brand, Kangana has been targeting almost all the stars in Bollywood at some point or another. But it is known with the recent comments made on Jyothika that she not only targets men but also recognizes the talent of other men and lifts it to the sky.

Bollywood fire brand Kangana Ranaut has lifted the heroine Jyotika to the skies. Appreciating her talent, they showered her with praises. Currently, Kangana is mostly acting in Tamil movies. Kangana, who has focused on South movies, is acting in an upcoming Tamil film that is a sequel to Chandramukhi. The film is currently in the shooting stage. Kangana shared many interesting things about this movie which is being made as a sequel to the movie Chandramukhi which came out in 2005. Speaking on this occasion.. “Jyotika’s performance in the movie Chandramukhi is incomparable. I don’t have enough scenes to act at that level, even the viewers of this movie said that if they compare me with Jyothika, they want to see only me in this role. Now these comments have become viral on social media..

Also Jyothika was asked to act first in the movie Chandramukhi 2. But as she refused, the role was given to Kangana but it is known that this movie is being directed by senior director P Vasu in which Raghava Lawrence and Kangaru Anaut Vadivelu are playing the lead roles.

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