Kantara: Box Office Prabhanjanam Kantara..Karnataka Government has taken a key decision..

Kantara movie effect..Karnataka government has taken a key decision. So far the government, which has not cared about traditions, has taken a decision to provide Finchin to Bhoota Kola dancers who are over 60 years old.

Kantara.. Now you hear the name of this movie anywhere.. This movie came to the audience as a small movie without any expectations and is shaking the box office. Kannada actor Rishabh Shetty’s self-directed movie is not only a super duper hit..! Not only getting huge collections..! Makers are not only applauded by everyone..! Now the Kannada government itself has been shaken. Bhuta Kola is making them think for themselves. A step forward for the preservation of the vanishing Kannada tribal cultural traditions. You are in doubt as to what the Karnataka government has done so far.. but you have to know the real thing.

The Kannada government, which till yesterday did not care about the Bhoota Kola dancers and their cultural traditions, has recently started thinking about them with the Kantara movie effect. Finchin has decided to offer Bhoota Kola dancers who are over 60 years old. Steps are being taken to deposit 2 thousand rupees per month in their account. The Kannada government is winning everyone’s hearts with this decision. Bhoota Kola is a special form of worship as part of Hinduism. PC Mohan thanked Chief Minister Baswaraj Bommai and Minister Sunil Kumar Kakar for agreeing to give the allowance.

Kantara, which has already created a record in Kannada, is now making its mark in other languages ​​as well. Especially this movie has increased the speed of collections in Hindi. As of Friday, the film has collected Rs. 1.27 crores earned. So far a total of Rs. 13.10 crores seems to have been collected. This film was produced under the banner of Hombale Films and released in Telugu by Allu Aravind.

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