Kantara brought to light the disappeared lives..!

Famous Kannada hero-cum-director Rishab Shetty’s self-directed film Kantara is the hero.. Now wherever you look, the news about this movie is heard all over the country. It is not only receiving the same response in all the languages ​​it was released in, but it has also been successful at the box office by raining huge collections. The audience was greatly impressed by the way Bhuthakola dance artists showed the adivasi culture and tradition of Karnataka on screen. Rishabh’s performance in that role is also appreciated by the audience.

Not only in the southern languages ​​but also in the north with good collections. Moreover, this movie also broke the records of Baahubali 2. Meanwhile, one of the latest news related to this movie is going viral on social media. It must be said that the Karnataka government has taken a serious decision on this film. And because of this decision, it can be said that many people’s lives are coming to light through Kanthara movie. Karnataka government took a sensational decision after the release of this movie. Financial assistance will be provided to Bhuthakola dancers who are over 60 years old, it said. The Government of Karnataka has also made it clear that an allowance of Rs.2000 per month will be provided to those who are eligible.

Moreover, Bengaluru Central MP PC Mohan revealed the same thing through Twitter. It has been revealed that the BJP-led Karnataka government will provide 2000 rupees per month as an allowance to those who are making a living by worshiping God and dancing Bhoota Kola. PC Mohan expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Minister Sunil Kumar Kakar on Twitter. Currently, the tweet about this is also going viral. However, there is no doubt that a movie has changed people’s lives.

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