Kantara: ‘Kantara’ is a sensation in the Indian film industry

Kantara: 'Kantara' is a sensation in the Indian film industry

Kantara: Kannada actor and director Rishabh Shetty’s movie ‘Kantara’ has become another sensation in the Indian film industry. This movie is showered with praise. This movie is creating dust in Hindi as well. It shows the ancient practice of Bhoota Kola, which is followed in some parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The divine dancers shout ‘O’ while performing this Bhuta Kola. In the movie Kantara, these screams were recorded with special effects. The audience who are enjoying these in the theaters are showing their craze by shouting ‘O’ even after coming out.

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Kantara hero and director Rishabh Shetty responded to this. In Kantara’s movie, shouting ‘O’ is a ritual and tradition and appealed to no one to shout it outside. It is explained that as this is a sensitive aspect of ancient culture, there is a possibility of damage to the custom. They made it clear that they consider the ‘O’ shout as a sentiment rather than just a sound.

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The movie ‘Kantara’ is showering praises. Bollywood firebrand Kangana Ranaut has praised the movie after watching it. Reacting to the film on social media, she said that she had just watched the film with her family members and her body was still shaking. Hats off to you Rishabh Shetty. The writing, direction, acting and action are all excellent. Can’t believe it. Beautiful photography, action, thriller. This is how cinema should be. If the audience wants to come to the theater and watch the movie, it should be like this. I have heard that some audience are coming out after the movie as if they have not seen such a movie till now. I think I won’t be able to get out of this feeling for another week,’ said Kangana in her Instagram stories.

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