Kantara Movie: Bollywood people are falling for Kantara

Kantara Movie: Bollywood people are falling for Kantara

Kantara Movie: Kannada Nata Kantara movie is getting a good hit talk. Rishabh Shetty, the hero of that movie, is appreciating the viewers saying ‘Wow.. what did he do’ after seeing his actor Vishwaroop. Fans are flocking to the theaters to watch the movie released in Hindi. This movie is getting huge collections there as well. So far this movie has collected 13.10 crores there. Still going on with the same momentum. At the climax, the audience applauds Rishabh Shetty’s performance in the scene where Amma takes over and gives him bad training.

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Rishabh Shetty prepared a story with some incidents related to a ritual in his village during his childhood. He brought that story to the screen as the movie ‘Kantara’. He has done justice to these three roles as a writer, director, hero. The collection of this movie in different languages ​​is proof of that. Produced by Hombale Films, this movie was released in Telugu on 15th of this month by Geetha Arts.

In fact, Telugu people do not know much about the artists in this movie. Here they do not know about the ritual which is the main theme of the movie. But Rishabh Shetty succeeds in making the content interesting. Therefore it is not our language. This is the reason why this movie collected 22.3 crores in 5 days.

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