Kantara: What is the actual ‘Kantara’ controversy.. Who benefits from this..?

Kantara: What is the actual 'Kantara' controversy.. Who benefits from this..?

Kantara: Kantara’s name has been heard everywhere in the film industry for the past few days. Directed by Kannada hero Rishabh Shetty, this film is garnering positive talk everywhere and becoming a huge success. The mesmerizing story of KGF showing its mettle by bagging records. But till now it has been good, but it is strange that this movie has recently been caught in controversy. It can be said that the life span of the entire film is the ‘Varaha form.. Divine Varishtam..’ at the end. Recently the makers released the lyrical video of this song. But the Malayalam music band ‘Taikkudam Bridge’ has made a sensational accusation that this song is theirs and Kantara movie has copied their song. It is claimed that every word has been copied and released without copying at least here and there. They also say that they have sufficient evidence for that. But what do they want because of this controversy? It has become a hot topic now. So far the makers have not opened their mouths about this controversy.

Even though the movie has been released for so many days, why is Navarasa ignoring it and now trying to create so much controversy? Well, why are the makers taking light of these copy allegations? Leaving all this aside.. If anyone is benefiting from this controversy, it also belongs to Kantara. Because this song is said to be a copy, even those who have not seen the movie are checking the song to see if it is a copy or not. Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing the movie collections. On the other hand, views are getting for the album of the accused and also for their song, which is beneficial for both of them. If this controversy continues to increase, there is a possibility of getting negative marks on the film and it would be better if the makers give an answer to this soon. Let’s see how Rishabh Shetty will react to this controversy.

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