Karthikeya 2: ‘That’s why Karthikeya 2 became a hit’.. Hero.. Director Paruchuri Gopalakrishna’s interesting comments..

It is known that the film Karthikeya 2 starring young hero Nikhil under the direction of director Chandoo Mondeti was a blockbuster hit. Popular writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna has made interesting comments on this movie which has pleased the audience across the country.

Young and talented hero Nikhil Siddharth recently got a blockbuster hit with the movie Karthikeya 2. He gained recognition at pan India level with this movie. As a small movie, this movie came to the audience without any expectations and this movie got good collections in the north as well. Anupama Parameswaran acted opposite Nikhil in this film and directed by director Chandu Mondeti. Famous writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna has analyzed the movie Karthikeya 2, which was praised by film critics, in his own style through Paruchuri’s texts. They said that this story is not related to body language Nikhil.. He worked very hard for this film.. That’s why it was successful.

The principle of hard work is proved once again in Nikhil’s case. Karthikeya 2 grossed more than four times the budget of Movie 3. Director Chandu Mondeti has brought this film to the audience by turning a folk story like Patalbhairavi into a social story. The swan, Murali and Krishna statue in the film all evoke a mythological folk tale. Chandu Mondeti has shot this movie brilliantly. The director believed in the story he had written and worked hard to return to different countries. A story never deceives those who believe in it.

Applying Krishnaism to the Kali Yuga was shown. Usually there are no love scenes in such stories.. but the director has been very careful to ensure that there are hero heroines in every scene. Snakes are used very cleverly in the climax. The director has written an excellent screenplay. He praised the film unit as well as the hero, the director, and said that they cultivated humor well with whomever to laugh. Hats off to both the hero and the director. All the actors fit their roles perfectly. Those who have not seen this movie must watch it.

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