KD Movie: Dhruva Sarja’s ‘KD’ as a copy of KGF

KD Movie: Dhruva Sarja's 'KD' as a copy of KGF

KD Movie: Kannada Nata is now a pan India mania. The reason for this is ‘KGF’ series. In fact our ‘Baahubali’ spirit for KGF is universal. After KGF, many people followed the Pan India path in Kannada film industry as well. Except for one or two, everyone was shocked. Now director Prem is making a movie called ‘KD’ under the banner of KVN Productions with Dhruva Sarja as the hero. Even before this, Dhruva Sarja had made a Pan India film titled ‘Pogaru’ and received disappointing results. Also, Darshan ‘Robberd’, Rakshit Shetty ‘Atade Srimannarayana, 777 Charlie’ and Upendra ‘I Love You’ have come forward for Pan India Audis. Out of these only ‘777 Charlie’ is known as a heart touching movie apart from commercialism. Puneeth came with ‘James’ after the death of Rajkumar. Only Kannada Nata could impress. Recently, Rishabh Shetty’s movie ‘Kantara’ won the house and then Racha is doing well in the house.

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Now Dhruva Sarja’s movie ‘KD’ is also getting ready for release in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages. The teaser of this movie was released on Thursday. It is remarkable that this teaser is in ‘KGF’ and ‘Pushpa’ shades. This teaser was released by Vijay Sethupathi in Tamil, Mohanlal in Malayalam and Sanjay Dutt in Hindi. He said that Telugu and Tamil stars will also be in it. The heroine of this film has not been decided yet. But it is noteworthy that the teaser got 15 million views in half an hour. It just means bought views. Because there is no guts in the teaser. It is a complete copy of KGF. Director Prem can be seen announcing that this movie was made as a base of 1970 gang war. If there is so much faith in the story, it would be better to release it first in Kannada and then release it in other languages ​​like the movie ‘Kantara’. Otherwise, it is also likely to join the list of Pan India flop films. So Prem and Arjun Sarja be careful…

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