Krishnam Raju: Krishnam Raju, who was the only hero in that regard. Krishnamraju shared the screen with heroes NTR, Nageswara Rao and Shobhan Babu, Krishna

If you like the story.. the character is also liked as a co-star. He has shared the screen with many stars in his long film journey.

With the death of senior hero rebel star Krishnam Raju, the Telugu film industry is in mourning. He was suffering from health problems for a few days and passed away in the early hours of Sunday while undergoing treatment at AIG Hospital in Gachibowli. Film stars were shocked by his death. Remembering their association with Krishnam Raju, they are mourning his death on social media platform. For more than five decades, Krishnamraju entertained the audience with his excellent performances. Moreover..they chose movies with priority of content instead of just looking for heroism. Krishnamraju, who has already made a name for himself as a star hero, has also taken the lead in sharing the screen with his fellow heroes. If you like the story.. the character is also liked as a co-star. He has shared the screen with many stars in his long film journey.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao is a great admirer of Krishna Raja. Buddhimantudu was the first film in which he shared the screen. This movie was released in 1969 and received good success. After that, the duo’s combos included Jai Jawaan, Pavitra Bandham, Rythu Family, Good Days, Kannakoduku and YSP Bhayakar. Also.. Rebel Star shared the screen with Super Star Krishna. He acted in more than 17 movies with him. The first movie that came out in the combo of both of them was Nena Kante Nene. This movie released in 1968 was a success. Later, in the combination of the two, films like Hantakulu Devanthakulu, Illu Illalu, Mayadari Malligadu, Kurukshetra, Jungle Lions, Yuddam, Viswanathanayaku, Man Made Thieves, Indrabhavanam and Sultan were released.

Krishnam Raju `1

Krishnam Raju `1

Shobhan Babu is Krishnamraj’s closest friend in the industry. Both of them acted in many films together. Shobhan appeared as Babu’s antagonist in films like Bangaru Matri, Manavadu Danavudu and Jeevantarangalu. After that, the two acted as heroes together in films like Kurukshetram, Ramabanam, Biyavam, and both of them Iddare. Also, Krishnam Raju shared the screen with the late actor NTR. In 1969, the first film that came out together was Bhale Masteru. After that, movies like Badipantulu, Nishya Yolo Godu, Manchi Ki Anothereru, Palleturi Chinnodu, Vade Veedu, Sati Savitri came out. Apart from this, he has acted in many unforgettable roles in the films of young protagonists.Krishnam Raju’s last film was Radheshyam. Krishnamraju appeared in a pivotal role in this movie starring Prabhas.

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