Krishnam Raju: The pain behind becoming ‘Maryada Ramanna’ is hurt in him…

Krishnam Raju Nature

They show that Krishnam Raju is the man of politeness in the industry. What to show..? Krishnam Raju changed his name to Maryada Ramanna. Anyone who comes to his house.. this king does not send him away. Not only those who came home.. he likes.. all those who appreciate him.. he shows his manners. They keep saying ‘you are the king’. But our rebel star has said many times that the reason for Krishnam’s change is a bitter incident in his life. In his childhood, when Krishna Raju came to an old man’s house, he sat cross-legged in front of him. King Krishna was sitting like that even till the old man left. Krishna Raja’s father took out a whip and told him not to sit like that. Moreover, it is said that whoever comes to the house should be treated as a guest first. Since then, Krishnam Raju.. got into the habit of being polite to anyone who came to his house. Krishnam Raju has made the same habit to his son Pan Indian star Prabhas.

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