Kriti Shetty who is silent.. What is the career situation..?

Heroine Kriti Shetty entered the Tollywood industry like a flood with the movie Uppena. This cutie has received consecutive opportunities with this one film. She also got an opportunity to act in star hero films. With the success of three films in a row, she hit a hat-trick and was named as the lucky heroine.

At a time when she thought there was no chance for her career, three films in a row turned out to be a disaster. Besides, it can be said that the air of Kriti Shetty has decreased a bit since Sri Leela gained good popularity after Kriti Shetty. Along with this, as the films flopped consecutively, the chances of acting with star heroes were lost. It can be said that her career has suddenly broken. In terms of story selections, criticism is being heard that she has not yet got clarity on which hero films to do.

Uppena, Shyam Singharai, Bangarraju received consecutive successes. After that, movies like Dewariyar, I have to tell you about that girl, Macherla’s Constituency were utter disasters. At present, she has not acted in any other movie except Naga Chaitanya’s Custody. Nobody is talking much about Kriti Shetty like in the past. The news is that it is difficult for her to get offers in the coming days. That is why many efforts are being made to increase the following on social media as well. This cutie is also sharing bold photos in various ways.

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