Love for Nandamuri family.. NTR, Balayya on wedding invitation card

Nandamuri family has crores of fans. This family has fans in all regions irrespective of language and region. Many fans consider the Nandamuri family as their family. That’s why they make sure that Nandamuri family is a part of any celebration in their house. There is a similar fan in Visakha too.

Pulamarashetty Venkataramana from Chintalagraharam village of Pendurthi mandal of Visakha district is a big fan of NTR. His son Pulamarasetty Komali Peddinayudu is also madly fond of Balayya. Recently Peddinayudi got married. They decided to get married on March 11.

Balayya and NTR’s pictures were printed on the six-page invitation card printed for the wedding invitation and showed their admiration. With the divine blessings of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, he wrote. The invited guests are looking at it with interest. It is special to show affection for the Nandamuri family even at the very important time of marriage.

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