LPG Gas Booking – WhatsApp: If you send a message with WhatsApp, your LPG gas cylinder will be booked .. Do you know how to do it .. | Now, You Can Book LPG Gas Cylinders Send a WhatsApp message on this number for booking

LPG Gas Booking - WhatsApp: All you have to do is send a message with WhatsApp and your LPG gas cylinder will be booked .. do you know how to do it ..

Gas Booking

Good news for gas consumers during the festival. No need to run for gas .. No need to call. It is enough if you get to use WhatsApp. Gas booking works in a pinch. Things are getting a lot easier now with the advent of smartphones. In addition, Digital India has facilitated many tasks of the common man. This system has become very easy with the advent of internet facility in every home. With digitization the central government has made things easier without having to stand in big queues. Today we will learn how to book your gas i.e. LPG gas cylinder from your home to your mobile. All it takes is a smartphone, internet data, WhatsApp.

The three largest suppliers of LPG gas cylinders in the country are Indian Oils Indine, Hindustan Petroleum i.e. HP Gas and Bharat Petroleum Bharat Gas offering online LPG cylinder booking facility to their customers. Gas cylinders can be booked by calling through website, mobile app, UPI, digital wallet, WhatsApp

Indian Oils Indine ..

The Indian company has announced the number 7588888824 for LPG gas cylinder through WhatsApp. Domestic gas cylinders can also be booked directly by calling 7718955555. Both these services can be availed only from a registered mobile number. To book a cylinder through WhatsApp, you need to type ‘refill’ and send a message to 7588888824 .. Gas will be booked.


HP has introduced the same number for both Call and WhatsApp. This number is 9222201122. Customers can book an LPG gas cylinder by calling or texting on WhatsApp if they wish. Go to WhatsApp message box and message ‘Book’ to 9222201122. Doing so will book the gas cylinder. Remember this feature is only available from a registered mobile number.

Bharat Gas ..

India has issued a toll free number 1800224344 for gas consumers. You can book your LPG gas cylinder by calling this number or via WhatsApp message. You need to send a message on WhatsApp from your registered mobile number by typing ‘BOOK’ or ‘1’. The booking request status on your WhatsApp will be changed as soon as the new cylinder booking is confirmed.

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