Malaika is on fire with her bulbous beauty..!!

Malaika Arora Khan, who is driving all the industries crazy with her beauty, including in Bollywood.. This cute girl who is in an intense love affair with Bollywood’s young hero Arjun Kapoor.. This campaign has become a hit at once. Hot photoshoots are an added bonus to the affair news.. Malaika is not paying any attention to the rumors about her recently. This beauty who is nearing 50 is doing what she wants to do and moving forward. It is known that young people are talking hot after seeing this Bhama who breaks out with hot photoshoots on a regular basis. Recently, this joint hot show is once again creating a sensation.

She stole the hearts of the boys in a variety of poses in a white color dress. Doing her own glamor show.. hiding her age and generating a lot of heat.. especially impressing boys with her bubbly beauty.. she is entertaining the audience even more. As for Malaika’s career, there are no opportunities in Bollywood including Tollywood. The film is making serious efforts. On the other hand devote more time to personal freedom than personal life. But even though she is already divorced, she is very caring about her son.

To give her son a better future, she spends crores of rupees to study abroad. Lately, the cutie has been careful not to let her personal life affect her son. Now, regardless of age, Grammar is getting more excited with photo shoot. Boys are also falling in love with the beauty of this girl.

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