Manchu Vishnu exposed those trolling him..!!

There has been a lot of trolling lately on social media. Especially Manchu Vishnu Manchu Lakshmi and all their family members are doing the same trolls.. Mims. Recently, Manchu Vishnu said that he was being accused of being a man for his family. Manchu Vishnu informed that they are criticizing their family after spending a huge amount for that.

However, the full details regarding that have not been disclosed. But many fans are also asking that they should tell their family who is trolling them. However, they have not told who they are but some links have been given. Manchu Vishnu informed about those who spread such negative talk before the release of his film. It seems that Manchu Vishnu has expressed his concern that some YouTube channels are ruining movies by clicking on a link from his Twitter.

Manchu Vishnu informed in an interview that no matter what the film is, they will only spread negative talk through social media. Fans of Manchu Family are also expressing their concern that their movie is being released like this and some people are ready and doing bad publicity. And let’s see if Manchu Vishnu will bring this matter to light.

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