Manchu Vishnu: When will the sets of ‘Dhi-2’ go up?

Manchu Vishnu: When will the sets of 'Dhi-2' go up?

Manchu Vishnu Gives Interesting Updates About Dhee 2: ‘Jinnah’ is a movie starring and produced by Manchu Vishnu as the hero. This movie is coming to the public on 21st of this month. Ishaan Surya directed this movie starring Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone. Manchu Vishnu interacted with the media during the release of the film. First explaining about the controversy over the title of this movie, “The hero’s name is Gali Nageswara Rao.” He does not like to be called like that. He tells his friends to call him Jinnah. Gali Nageswara Rao’s short cut in English is ‘G.Na.’. We gave the name ‘Jinnah’ because that means good. Some have disputed it. I thought it was for our good. But there is no malice in the mind. That’s why we went ahead with that name. After watching the movie, I think no one will criticize for giving this name,” he said.

On comparing this movie with Mohan Babu’s ‘Dhi’, Vishnu said, “Nannagari liked the movie very much. ‘Dhee’ movie is an out and out entertainer. But there are elements in it that the audience does not expect. Especially the interval bang shocks the audience. Also the climax is different. So my father compared it with ‘Dhi’. I can’t say right now whether that level of success will be met. But when the preview of this movie was shown, our family members burst out laughing. I am confident that the audience will feel the same way tomorrow,” he said.

Explaining the reason for making ‘Jinnah’ under the direction of Ishaan Surya, “The original story is by famous directors G. Nageswara Reddy. Kona Venkat has prepared it completely. Sunny Leone locked dates and came to me. But she is not that popular in Telugu right? I thought that. My father told me that the story was good. Then I also asked a media friend for advice. He said that Sunny Leone would be better. So Sunny Leone came in this movie. This movie will bring her good recognition as an actress. As far as direction is concerned, G. Nageswara Reddy was busy with other films so we hired Srinu Whitela’s assistant Surya as the director. It was a pleasure to work with him. A very committed person. I don’t know how big a success this movie will get, but as a human being he is a very good person,” he said. Vishnu said that the ‘Jinnah’ music album was very special to him, in which his daughters Ariana and Viviana had sung, although he was skeptical at first, after Anoop Rubens’ recording, he was very happy and appreciated. He said that the character Jinnah played in this belongs to Chittoor, and he had some difficulty in speaking that accent, he said that he practiced and said the dialogues.

He said that the already announced ‘Dhi-2’ movie will definitely happen and it will be launched in January or February next year under the direction of Srinu Vaitla. Also, Manchu Vishnu said that he has taken the remake rights of many films of different languages, among which he is going to remake the Malayalam film ‘Android Kunjappan’ in Telugu Nativity with his father.

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