Meena Dance: Meena, Sanghavi are the same steps.. 2 eyes are not enough to see | Watch: Actress Meena And Sanghavi Dance Video Goes Viral on social media Telugu Film News

After the death of her husband, she remained in pain for a long time.. She is now active on social media. After a long time, the dance video was shared.

What is special about Meena for the Telugu audience? Very talented actress. She has been acting in films since childhood. It once continued to be the leading actress in all languages ​​of South India. She married businessman Vidyasagar while she was at her peak stage as an actress. The couple has a baby girl Naikika. In the process of moving forward by giving equal importance to family and movies, she faced a jolt in her life last year. Meena’s husband died due to ill health in the month of June.

It took her a long time to recover from that pain. Currently acting in movies. Also active on social media. She makes her fans happy by watching photos, videos, and sharing reels. The latest video of her dancing is trending. Another special thing here is that another senior actress has taken super steps for a song with Sanghavi. The video was shared on Instagram and is currently doing the rounds.

A netizen commented that ‘There is nothing less great about you two’. Another person addressed Meena saying, ‘You should forget the past and be happy madam’. Another user commented, ‘2 eyes are not enough to see both of you’.

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