Meena: Star heroine who lost the best character in her career due to her mother’s decision

Meena: Star heroine who lost the best character in her career due to her mother's decision

Meena: Mothers used to participate in shootings along with heroines. It is up to them to decide what kind of role they will play. Due to their decision, the star heroine had to lose the best character in her career. Some roles in movies are as if they were born for them. Actors get into that role as if no one else can do it. So we can’t imagine anyone but her in the role of Sivagami played by Ramyakrishna in the movie Baahubali. Also, there is no need to mention Neelambari’s role in Rajinikanth’s Narasimha movie. It is also clear that none other than Ramya Krishna will be set for this role. Ramya Krishna played the role of Nilambari. Had the role been played by someone else, the audience would not have been so connected.. But Ramya Krishna was not considered as an actress for the role of Neelambari played by Ramya Krishna earlier. Her gestures captivated the audience.

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Director Ravikumar initially approached Nagma for the role of Neelambari. He also told the story of the movie with her. Although she liked the role, she eventually gave up the film due to lack of dates. After that, the director explained the story together with Meena, who was a light at that time. Although Meena continues to be a star heroine, her mother used to decide which role she would play. But even though Meena liked the role, Meena also distanced herself from the role of Neelambari as her mother did not like it. Approaching Ramya Krishna at the same time, she immediately said ok, everything happened smoothly. Everyone was surprised to see Ramya Krishna’s universal appearance in the role of Nilambari.. It became clear to everyone that no one else can do such roles except her. In any case, Ramyakrishna would not fail to say that this is one of the best roles in his film career.

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