Mogalirekulu: Do you remember ‘Mogalirekulu’ serial hero RK Naidu?.. What is he doing now.. | Do you remember this TV actor from Mogalirekulu serial fame RK Naidu, know what he is doing now telugu cinema news

Especially RK Naidu. He acted in a double role as Munna and got crores of fans.

‘Mogalirekulu’ is a sensation in the history of television.. Once upon a time even the youth were huge fans of this serial. This daily serial has changed the boring TV serials styles that were aired till then. Manjula Naidu directed this serial with an interesting story every time with scenes that touch the mind of every viewer. And every actor who acted in it had many fans at that time. Especially RK Naidu. He acted in a double role as Munna and got crores of fans.

There are still hardcore fans of RK Naidu. Munna.. RK Naidu’s real name is Sagar. But the audience remembers RK Naidu more than his real name. He captured the hearts of the audience with his performance. In the role of a powerful police office, the girls were impressed by the attitude of Munna. It is with this serial that the hero got as much craze. He also received the Nandi TV Award for Best Actor. But after Mogalirekulu, Sagar and Prabhas appeared in the movie Mr. Perfect. After that he could not succeed in movies.

For a long time, she has not been seen in movies or serials. But Sagar is fully active on social media. He always keeps in touch with his fans by sharing the latest photos. Recently Sagar Janasena leader Power Star Pawan Kalyan politely joined and handed over a plant.

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