Mother @ 70 Years: Received promotion as a saleswoman at the age of seven! | 70 Years old Woman gives birth to her first child in Gujarat

Mother @ 70 Years: Received promotion as a saleswoman at the age of seven!

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All married girls want to sell. But unfortunately for some health reasons many people are not able to look for that luck. With this, they are seriously convinced that they have not seen motherhood. Meanwhile, Jivun Ben Rabari from Gujarat was promoted to saleswoman at the age of seven. Giving birth to a baby by cesarean at the age of playing with grandchildren and great-grandchildren took everyone by surprise as she became known as one of the oldest mothers in the world. Jivun Ben, a native of Mora village in Gujarat, is about 70 years old. Her husband Maldhari is 75 years old. They have been living together for 45 years. However, they could not see the luck of the mother. Eventually resorted to an IVF (In vitro Fertilization) center in Bhuj.

Let’s say you can’t have children..but!
About 45 years after the marriage, Jiven Ben gave birth to a fertile male child by caesarean section. Thereby realizing her motherhood dream. She named her beloved son ‘Lalo’ and said she was 70 years old, but she did not have enough evidence. ‘The Jivun‌ couple approached us a year and a half ago. However, it has been warned that it is not possible to have children at this age and it can be life threatening. Yet they keep coming closer to us. We have been giving counseling for about 3 months. However, they said that most of their family became parents at an early age. With this we first gave her some medicine to restore her menstrual cycle. In the same way we are constantly aware of her health conditions. She recently underwent a caesarean section and was offered a chance to sell. This is a rare occurrence that I have seen so far, ”said the doctors who treated her.

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