MS Dhoni: Have you seen Dhoni’s new bike .. the changed Yamaha RD350 ..! | Team India Former Skipper MS Dhoni buys Restored Yamaha RD 350, check here full details

Yamaha RD 350: The Yamaha RD 350 purchased by Dhoni is built to US specification. This is different from the Indian ambassador model ever sold in India.

MS Dhoni: Have you seen Dhoni's new bike .. the changed Yamaha RD350 ..!

Ms Dhoni Yamaha Rd 350

MS Dhoni: Cricketer MS Dhoni is a lover of vehicles. Many models, not just two-wheelers but also cars, are joining the Dhoni shed. The former captain of our teamindia adds a lot to his museum, from old to new vehicles. However, Jharkhand Dynamite has recently added another two wheeler. Same Yamaha RD350 bike. However, Dhoni made many changes to the bike and made the bike with the specifications he wanted. Syed Jadeer said it took a year and a half to make Dhoni live up to his dreams. Finally, the bike was made in accordance with the US specifications and handed over to Dhoni.

There have been some rumors circulating on the internet that Dhoni has bought two RD 350s. However, Syed Jadeer said he had bought only one. He said the competition was made in green and presented to Dhoni. Syed also made the RD 350 in gold color.

This bike is actually his own project taken by Syed Anta. However, Dhoni, who came to know about the matter through his close friends, liked the medal and asked Syed to make the bike ready with some changes. The Yamaha RD 350 is built to the US specification. This is very different from the Indian Ambassador model previously sold in India. Syed said he had made some changes to the engine. He also said that the rest of the parts have been modified a lot and it has been redesigned.

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