MS Dhoni: Retaining himself and telling him not to waste money .. | Ms dhoni tells chennai super kings dont waste money on me n srinivasan big statement

MS Dhoni: Retaining himself and telling him not to waste money ..


MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) clinched the title by defeating Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2021 final. Three years later the team won the title. By improving the game they stormed into the tournament. Qualified for the playoffs first. After that they reached the final. The reason for this is captain Dhoni .. that is why he has been the captain of the team from the beginning. However, there will be a mega auction in the coming IPL season. According to the rules a franchise is likely to take back only four players.

There is no doubt that MS Dhoni will be CSK’s first choice player before next season. However, Dhoni said that the Chennai Super Kings would suffer a huge loss by retaining him. Srinivasan said. Srinivasan did not directly answer whether Dhoni will play in the next IPL.

“MS Dhoni is a fair man, he wants a retention policy to come because he did not want CSK to lose a lot of money while retaining him – so he gives a different answer to everyone,” Srinivasan said. “I want Dhoni to play more for the Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni respects me a lot. I give him complete freedom. ” Said.

If a franchise retains four players in its first choice player, Rs. 16 crore will have to be spent. Retaining three players would reduce that amount to Rs 15 crore. Retaining 1 or 2 players in a franchise would cost Rs 14 crore. It seems that CSK will retain 3-4 players. Dhoni did not make any suggestion on retirement. He is ready to play at least another season for the Yellow Army. Despite Dhoni retiring, he is expected to continue with CSK in some capacity.

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